Sharing the Load

Mental Fitness, Sleep & Exercise In Partnership with St Kilda Football club we’ve created a series of videos to help improve mental and physical wellbeing. Hear from their team experts who have tailored information and tips to the needs of people working in transport and logistics. Mental Fitness Training the Mind Prioritising Sleep Maximizing Energy … Continued

Asking for Help

It’s important to recognise that our mental health, just like our physical health varies over time. It is normal for our moods and feelings to vary from day to day depending on what is happening around and within us. Lifeline Get Help Suicide Call Back Service Talking About Suicide


When we’re very anxious, we have intense feelings of worry or distress that are not easy to control. Anxiety can interfere with how we go about our everyday lives, and make it hard to cope with ‘normal’ challenges. Sometimes severe anxiety can develop over time and we may not notice how it’s affecting us. Someone … Continued

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Maintaining a strong focus on safety from early in an organisation’s existence lays a solid foundation for an ongoing emphasis throughout its life. Health in Gear Health in Gear – health and wellbeing support for transport and logistics workers Health Tip’s Share the Load podcast Roadside health checks Everymind Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing, Tips … Continued


Are you experiencing depression? Do you know someone with depression? Depression is more than just feeling low or sad during tough times. 1 in 6 Australians will experience depression in their lifetime. Lifeline What is depression? Black Dog Depression self test Beyond Blue Anxiety and depression checklist