Creating a transport and logistics psychological safety risk profile.

The Workplace Psychological Safety Index (WPSI), developed by AP Psychology & Consulting Services (APPCS), is a purpose-built survey that is designed to generate a psychological safety risk profile for the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries.

By completing a 10–15 minute survey, you will receive an industry risk profile report relevant to your organisational size and scale, and support HHTS in developing an industry-wide risk profile. This will provide us with important objective metrics to help identify how we can best facilitate and coordinate an industry-wide strategy for best-practice psychological safety, wellbeing and physical health that supports all operators nationally, regardless of size or scale.

Please access the WPSI link below and begin the survey. We encourage you to share the survey link with your colleagues for them to complete. The more responses received, the better we can provide strong industry insights.

Following completion of the WPSI, you will be provided with insights relevant to:

  1. A psychological safety and wellbeing risk profile for your organisation and/or your business size
  2. A psychological safety benchmark for the transport and logistics industry
  3. Best-practice recommendations to improve the psychological safety of your organisation aligned with the HHTS guidelines.

The Workplace Psychological Safety Index (WPSI)

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