With the click of a mouse, a package turns up on our doorstep. An exercise bike arrives from half a world away. And conveniently, we can buy a fresh mango at our local grocer. It’s easy forget the people making this happen. The people we don’t see. The container handlers, forklift drivers, warehouse pickers and truck drivers, to name just a few.

Getting behind those getting it done.

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation is a not-for-profit industry body with one purpose. To support mental health and wellbeing across the road transport, warehousing, and logistics industries. These are the people that keep the wheels turning and the country moving. We’re providing them with tools to look after themselves, their businesses and those around them. We’re about a happier, healthier, stronger industry. Something that all of us will benefit from.

Get on board.

All industry people are urged to become a Member. Membership is free. We all want our mental health to be its best, and many of the tools offered to Members, can be used by all of us. If you or someone you know is struggling, help is always available, you can reach out to one of the support services listed in the menu.

Funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Commonwealth Government.