Get on board Australia’s first industry-led, industry-specific national mental health initiative for road transport, warehousing and logistics. 

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds is an initiative by industry, for industry, that exists to help industry leaders, managers, business owners and workers tackle specific challenges regarding mental health and wellbeing.

Part of this initiative has been the creation of Australia’s first unified National Mental Health and Wellbeing Roadmap (the Roadmap). The Roadmap sets out a three year strategy for industry to work towards mental health and wellbeing improvements for workers. It is free to all and can be downloaded below.


Beyond the Roadmap, we offer Memberships to both organisations and individuals. When you become a member, we’ll provide you with guidelines, tools, resources and support to help you successfully implement the Roadmap. As a member, you’ll also be kept up to date on news, as well as given access to new tools and resources as they become available over time.

Support the cause that supports you.