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At Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds, we’re all about bringing people together. We offer different ways in which individuals and organisations can join in our mission of providing everyone in the transport, warehousing, and logistics industries with what they need to support their mental health and physical wellbeing. We can all work to make sure these needs are recognised as being vital for a thriving workforce. 

Become a Corporate Partner

At Healthy Heads, we understand the critical role that Corporate Partners play in advancing our mission to improve mental health and wellbeing within the transport, warehousing, and logistics industries in Australia.  

Attend a Road Show Event

The Healthy Heads Road Show hosts events across the country to connect with team members in their workplace. We also attend public locations such as service centres to reach those that are out on the road. 

Healthy Heads performing Road Show Event

Join our Community

There are many ways in which you can stay up to date with, and share, Healthy Heads achievements, events, and latest programs. You can sign up to our newsletter, share our messages within your network, download our App or even host your own R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds event! 

Healthy Heads Caps


We have a wonderful range of merchandise that you can purchase for yourself or for your staff to raise awareness of mental health and promote Healthy Heads. All proceeds go back into the work of Healthy Heads. 

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Reach out to us for information, resources, or to join our cause in improving mental health and wellbeing across the industry. We’re here to make a difference.