R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds

For the third year in a row Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds and R U OK? have teamed up to ensure everyone working in the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries know when and how to meaningfully connect and genuinely ask, “are you ok?”

R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds National Day of Action is 14 May 2024 and this year we are sharing a new theme of “Ask R U OK? – No qualifications needed”.

Ask R U OK? – No qualifications needed aims to break through this stigma and highlight that you don’t need to be qualified counsellor to check in with a colleague or friend.

The resources below are free to download to help you share the message and organise your own R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds activities.

Meet Vikki

Vikki has worked in distribution logistics for more than 30 years. During this time, she has made it her priority to normalise conversations about mental health and create environments where checking in is a regular occurrence.

Meet Glenn

Glenn spent more than 30 years driving trucks around the Far South Coast of NSW and working in purchasing, logistics and materials management for warehouses. He is passionate about encouraging supportive conversations in the road transport, warehousing and logistics industry.

Meet Tom

Tom started out as a truck washer and worked his way to Workshop Leading Hand. Today, Tom manages a team of seven people, ranging from eighteen through to 65 years old. Tom is eager to create a work environment that encourages supportive conversations.

Workplace Resources

The following free resources are designed to help you organise your own R U OK? in Trucks and Sheds activities.

Workplace Guide

An interactive PDF guide that contains everything you need to know to organise your workplace activities.

Conversation Guide

This guide contains tips on how to spot the signs that someone might not be OK, how to navigate the conversation and further support that’s available.


Download these R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds videos to play anywhere in your workplace, through your online channels or at your event.

Social Tiles

Download these tiles to share the R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds message on your own channels. There are suggested messages in the Workplace Guide too.

Email Signatures & Website Banners

Add these banners to your email signature and website to build awareness and remind your colleagues to ask ‘are you ok?’ You can link them to this website.

Posters & Flyers

These posters and flyers can be displayed in lunchrooms, in the warehouse, on the back of toilet doors or in waiting bays all year round.

Radio ads

These radio ads are free to download and play wherever you can get the message across – on radios, in warehouses or added to playlists.

Slide presentation

This powerpoint presentation is designed to allow anyone to share R U OK? conversation tips in their workplace. It comes with speaking notes

Connection Activity

Conversation Bingo can be printed out and used as a Connection Activity to get conversations flowing at your R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds event.

Register your Champion

Champions will support their organisation in implementing R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds by receiving updates from Healthy Heads and R U OK? and ensuring that everyone within their business is informed and has what they need for a successful event.

worker operating forklift in warehouse