R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds

Life’s ups and downs happen to us all. One thing we can all do is drive conversations with our workmates who might be doing it tough, to help them feel connected and supported.

For the second year in a row, R U OK? and Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds are encouraging workplaces in the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries to get the conversation wheels in motion.

It’s time to get your workplace involved in our industry day of action on 16 May 2023.

New, free resources are now available to download to help you organise your event and share the message.

Real Stories

See below a collection of personal stories from across the industry that show the power and impact of R U OK? conversations. We encourage you to share these with your teams and through your own channels.

Meet Teagan

Teagan’s work in frontline and managerial roles has given him unique insights into the challenges of the industry and how businesses can build mentally healthy workplaces.

Read Teagan’s Story Download PDF Download PDF Poster Download Social Tiles

Meet Isaac

Isaac’s role as Wellbeing Officer focuses on transforming the family business into one that prioritises the mental health of more than three hundred employees and encourages work mates to look out for one another.

Read Isaac’s Story Download PDF Download PDF Poster Download Social Tiles

Meet Sandra

Sandra’s own experiences fuel her passion for creating mentally healthy workplaces and serve as a reminder that at the end of the day, we are all human.

Read Sandra’s Story Download PDF Download PDF Poster Download Social Tiles

Meet Colin

After being involved in an accident at work, Colin knows firsthand just how life changing conversations can be for someone going through a difficult time.

Read Colin’s Story Download PDF Download PDF Poster Download Social Tiles

Workplace Resources

The following free resources are designed to help you organise your own R U OK? in Trucks and Sheds activities.

Workplace Guide

An interactive PDF guide that contains everything you need to know to organise your workplace activities.

The Workplace Guide

Conversation Guide

This guide contains tips on how to spot the signs that someone might not be OK, how to navigate the conversation and further support that’s available.

Conversation Guide


Download this short R U OK? in Trucks and Sheds animation to play anywhere in your workplace, through your online channels or at your event.


Social Tiles

Download these tiles to share the R U OK? in Trucks and Sheds message on your own channels. There are suggested messages in the Workplace Guide too.

Conversation Social Tile 1 Conversation Social Tile 2 Resources Social Tile

Email Signatures

Add this banner to your email signature to build awareness and remind your colleagues to drive conversations. You can link it to this website.

Conversation Email Signature Conversation Email Signature 2 Resources Email Signature


These posters can be displayed in lunchrooms, in the warehouse, on the back of toilet doors or in waiting bays all year round.

4 Steps Poster Help Services Poster Conversations Poster Ask R U OK? Poster Download All Posters

Radio ads

These radio ads are free to download and play wherever you can get the message across – on radios, in warehouses or added to playlists.

30 Second Radio Ad 45 Second Radio Ad

Slide presentation

This powerpoint presentation is designed to allow anyone to share R U OK? conversation tips in their workplace. It comes with speaking notes


Connection Activity

Conversation Bingo can be printed out and used as a Connection Activity to get conversations flowing at your R U OK? in Trucks and Sheds event.

Conversation Bingo

Download All Resources (99.9MB)

Register your champion

Champions will support their organisation in implementing R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds by receiving updates from Healthy Heads and R U OK? and ensuring that everyone within their business is informed and has what they need for a successful event.