Why Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds?

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation exists to promote the prevention and understanding of mental health issues that exist across the road transport and logistics industries in Australia.

The overarching aim of the Foundation is to build a psychologically safe, healthy and thriving working environment for truck drivers, distribution centre and warehouse staff, and other road transport industry members.

By facilitating and coordinating an industry-wide strategy for best practice psychological safety, wellbeing and physical health, we endeavour to support all operators nationally, regardless of size or scale. The vision of the Foundation is to ensure resources are made accessible right across the industry.

We’re a registered not-for-profit charitable Foundation, and our board of directors is voluntary and independent.

truck driver in front of truck with arms crossed

Our Background

Mental health is a significant issue for the Australian road transport, warehousing and logistics industries. Risk factors such as long hours, workplace isolation, pressure to meet delivery schedules and the need for continual alertness while operating heavy machinery all contribute to making those in the transport, postal and warehousing industries extremely vulnerable to mental health issues.

The impact of mental health and poor individual wellbeing, has not only significant impact at the individual level for those affected, but also company and economy wide, with billions lost due to lowered productivity and associated medical costs.

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