Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Announces Appointment of Director Industry Relations and Program Management

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (HHTS) has announced the appointment of Melissa Weller as Director Industry Relations and Program Management. Melissa will commence her responsibilities in mid-August, 2021.

Melissa brings extensive experience to HHTS having worked in the road safety sector for over nine years, managing road safety projects and campaigns. Melissa has held the role of Safety Health and Wellbeing Director at the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) for four years, having commenced in 2017. During this time, Melissa led the evidence-based design of SafeT360, the trucking industry’s major public facing safety exhibition. Melissa also managed TruckSafe, a comprehensive industry safety accreditation scheme which not only considers the technical and mechanical aspects of industry safety but also addresses human safety factors. HHTS CEO Naomi Frauenfelder said “Melissa has been engaged with HHTS for nearly three years having been actively involved in a steering committee that was established prior to the Foundation’s inception, working alongside industry colleagues to identify where support was needed regarding mental health and wellbeing in the Australian road transport, warehousing, and logistics industries.”

“Since the Foundation launched in August 2020, Melissa has continued this engagement as a prominent member of the HHTS Standards Working Group”, she added.

“The HHTS Board is extremely delighted to welcome Melissa into this new role and looks forward to working closely with her to evolve the Foundation’s key projects and initiatives.” “Melissa brings a wealth of valuable on-the-ground industry experience to HHTS, which will support the Foundation in achieving its goal of industry-wide awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing,” said Frauenfelder.

The ATA Chairman David Smith said, “Melissa has been dedicated to making impactful changes relating to safety across the trucking industry during her four years at the ATA, her passion and enthusiasm for all areas of safety will be a great benefit to HHTS.”

“Alongside the Board I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Melissa for her dedication and drive as Safety Health and Wellbeing Director, we look forward to continuing to work with her at HHTS which is an important industry initiative that the ATA has closely supported,” he said.

For further information contact: Sally Glover, Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds, Communications Manager, [email protected] or 0458 764 537