Healthy Heads, TradeMutt and TIACS Partnership

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (Healthy Heads), TradeMutt, and free (blue collar) counselling service TIACS, are pleased to announce a new partnership that will see additional professional mental health support promoted to those working in the transport, warehousing, and logistics sector.  The partnership aims to raise awareness about mental health issues faced by workers in the sector through a custom design TradeMutt high vis shirt that includes a QR code under the pocket linking directly to the TIACS free counselling service. “In our industry people turn up to work in their high vis shirts to make sure they can be seen and stay safe. TradeMutt high vis shirts make our mental health visible every day, the bright and fun fabric design draws attention, and the shirts include a message on the back that says, ‘This is a Conversation Starter’. What a great way to make psychological safety just as prominent as physical safety”  said Healthy Heads CEO, Naomi Frauenfelder.

“Healthy Heads was established to provide everyone in the sector with what they need to support their mental health, by promoting TIACS we are encouraging early help seeking and connecting people to the professional support they need”.

A bonus to owning TradeMutt shirts is that when you purchase one you contribute to the free counselling services as 50% of TradeMutt profit goes to support TIACS. The Healthy Heads custom shirts can be ordered via Healthy Heads now, email [email protected] to find out more.

TIACS provides up to eight free counselling sessions via text or phone for blue collar workers including truckies, tradies rural and blue-collar workers.

Ed Ross, Co-Founder of TradeMutt, added, “It is so exciting to see this collaboration come to life. The reach that Healthy Heads has within the trucking and transport industry is one we are so pumped to link up with and drive our message of starting conversations about mental health and reaching out to mental health professionals earlier!”.

Jason Banks, Co-CEO of TIACS, expressed great enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “TIACS is excited to be partnering up with Healthy Heads to make a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of those that work in Australia’s transport, warehousing, and logistics industry. The team at TIACS cannot wait to see the limited-edition Healthy Heads TradeMutt conversation starter work shirts out and about. These funky shirts will be a conversation starter among truck drivers, in warehouses, distribution centers, workshops and in all areas of transport and logistics operations.

“Healthy Heads, TradeMutt and TIACS are closely aligned when it comes to purpose and mission, it is an obvious collaboration. Together we can let all hard-working Australians know they do not have to tough it out alone.”

The shirts were launched on 11 April. Representatives from each organisation attended the ATT Logistics depot in QLD to celebrate the collaboration.

About Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds:
Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds is a registered not-for-profit foundation that provides a national approach to improving mental health and physical wellbeing for people working in road transport, warehousing, and logistics.

About TradeMutt:
TradeMutt is a social enterprise business that creates bright and vibrant high-visibility workwear designed to promote peer to peer conversations about mental health while also donating 50% of profits to TIACS.

About TIACS:
TIACS is a registered not-for-profit service providing free, mental health counselling for tradies, truckies, rural and other blue-collar workers via text and call.

For media inquiries, please contact: Tania Reid, National Partnerships Manager, at Healthy Heads: @[email protected] or 0434 712 177.


For further information contact:

Tania Reid, National Partnerships Manager, at Healthy Heads: @[email protected] or 0434 712 177