Ideas to get your workplace involved

R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds gives people in the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries an opportunity to make a real difference for someone who is having a tough time by having a meaningful conversation.

To show your support for R U OK? in Trucks & Sheds and to celebrate this joint initiative, we invite your workplace to get creative and think of ways you can bring people together and encourage them to meaningfully ask, “are you OK?”

The entire industry has a role to play in building safe workplaces where staff feel supported and have a sense of belonging.

To help you plan for your activity, we’ve put together “Your toolbox of support” which includes:

  1. Connection ideas
  2. Your event checklist
  3. Promotional assets

Download “Your toolbox of support” here.

Stronger relationships in the workplace promote trust which means people are more likely to open up and have meaningful conversations

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