The Seven Workplace Strategies

Workplace strategy 3 – Build better workplace cultures

Workplace strategy 3 – Build better workplace cultures

The Roadmap Planner has been designed to help businesses understand psychological safety and offer guidance about building your own Workplace Wellbeing Plan. Having a Workplace Wellbeing Plan means you will be taking steps to meet your Work, Health and Safety duty of care by managing psychosocial hazards at work.

Strategy three (of seven) is Building better workplace cultures. Better workplace cultures help people to thrive and bring the benefits of increased productivity and strong morale. Respectful and inclusive workplaces where people feel their contribution is valued are more positive, less stressful and people are more resilient. In a positive workplace culture people may be more flexible, they bounce back from on-the-job challenges better, and can respond to varying demands such as peak periods of higher volume work.

A good workplace culture is one where people are aware of the behaviours and standards that are expected of them and rewarded and recognised for the right behaviour. Importantly this is an environment in which people are also held accountable for the wrong behaviour too.

Change is common in the workplace but it can be threatening and some people will be resistant to it. Change can often cause confusion, feelings of insecurity or stress. Defensiveness and fear are natural responses to change. Introducing change thoughtfully, such as offering early and clear communication about changes, provision of appropriate instruction or training, and providing reassurance can positively affect how change is responded to in the workplace.

 So where should you start?

Try these first steps:

  • Read story 3 ‘Abdul – Building better workplace cultures’ in the Healthy Heads Planner
  • Ask yourself or your team “Do we have established company values? Have we shared these in the workplace?”
  • If you don’t – take the time to meet with relevant people and develop these values
  • Print the values on posters and place these around the business for everyone to see (hallways, break rooms, change rooms)
  • Read the Healthy Heads
  • Consider sending an email from the business owner, manager or a team leader highlighting these values along with resources available, training options for employees and opportunities to offer feedback on values and behaviours in the workplace.

By completing these first steps you are well on the way to creating a positive workplace culture.

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