It’s important to recognise that our mental health, just like our physical health varies over time. It is normal for our moods and feelings to vary from day to day depending on what is happening around and within us.


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Director of Blokepedia and author of the book ‘A Mudmap for Living’

Dr. Clive Williams is a psychologist with over 35 years’ experience. For the past 25 years Clive has focused on the application of the Hero’s Journey as a template for addressing issues of change and problem solving. Clive uses this template in treating anxiety, depression, relationship, family and workplace issues. He has yet to find one situation where the Hero’s Journey could not be used as a daily guide to supporting change and resolving problems. He has presented at Bond University’s Law and Wellbeing (2016) and the Creativity Conference Oregon (2018). Clive has also been instrumental in the developing area of Heroism Science presenting at both first and second conferences in Perth (2016) and Richmond Virginia (2018).