Lifeline has collaborated with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds to tailor Mind Your Mates training to support workers in transport, warehousing and logistics. This evidence informed training  uses Lifeline’s Recognise, Respond and Refer model.

What you will learn

Using the Lifeline ’Recognise, Respond and Refer’ framework, participants will learn:

  • How to recognise warning signs of distress
  • How to respond with empathy, compassion and without judgement
  • Understand who to refer people to how to check safety if someone is suicidal
  • Knowledge of the importance of self-care

This training is designed for:

Mind Your Mates is aimed at peer support in thetransport, warehousing or logistics sector. Including

  • Drivers
  • Warehouse and logistics staff

Training Delivery Options:

Facilitated session (90 minutes) – interactive virtual classroom, or face-to-face classroom

Format: Virtual or Face to Face

Participant numbers: 18

Training delivered by: Lifeline Workplace Training

More information

Price: $192.50 per person

For further information contact Lifeline:
[email protected]

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